Amazfit Band 

This watch has everything you need. If you love Alexa products from Amazon you will fall in love with this watch. It has everything, built in Alexa, 15 day battery life, heart rate & sleep monitor, water resistant, health tracking and music control. This watch has a simple set up that’s quick and easy.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

The Fitbit Sense has all the bells and whistles. It tracks your heart health 24/7. Lets you know what your stress level is at to help you manage it. There is a 6 day battery life. It can tell you your skin temperature as well as take your blood pressure. Not only that it comes with Alexa and Google assistant.

Fitbit Versa 3

If you run, bike, hike, or more do it phone free with the Fitbit Versa. Equipped with GPS, weather, sleep & heart rate monitoring. Check your blood oxygen levels on top of that. It also has a 6 day battery life.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy watch has everything you could ever need in a watch. It has health monitoring which tracks your blood oxygen, heart, sleep, steps, and everything else. Get in shape with this watch with the fitness tracking. You can’t go wrong with the watch and it’s long lasting battery life and 4 GB memory.

Apple Watch Series 6 

If you have an apple phone then this is the watch for your. Compatible with iOS phones get the one of the best apple watches out there right now. This sleek design will definitely catch your eye. Watch how it measures your workouts from running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming and dance.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

This is the best watch out there for any avid hiker. Your watch can track your energy levels, pulse ox, and hydration. Built in GPS, with being able to share your real time location. You can even download music to it from Amazon & spotify. It also has an 8 hour battery life. Check out these watches today.